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Pet Portraits

Animals are a gift to us all. Whether they are a little bit crazy, or the biggest love bug ever. We will never forget them. Eternalize that love with a custom, hand-painted portrait of your baby. 



Commission a  custom 8x8 acrylic painting of you pet. Due to the size of the canvas, only a close up of the pet's face is available. Available on wood or canvas, square or circle. 

8x8- Face Only


Commission a custom 8x10 inch acrylic portrait of your pet. The small, rectangle canvas is best suited for full body portraits of small animals. 


Commission a custom 12x12 inch acrylic painting of your pet. This is the best size in terms of obtaining the right amount of detail for both face only and full body, while also allowing room for backgrounds.



Above are the options and sizes I have been commissioned for in the past, if you are interested in a different size, I am more than happy to hear it, so please just shoot me a message.

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